Why we are so serious about sales

Blog, Wednesday 22 May 2019

If you have a con­nec­tion with me, Frits Willem Bakker, or some­body else from Prospec­to­ry on LinkedIn, you will prob­a­bly have seen our new web­site or slo­gan Seri­ous about Sales’ recent­ly. All this did not come about by acci­dent: it is the result of a process in which we start­ed to look for the rea­son why we at Prospec­to­ry love to be involved in Sales’.

The reputation of sales?
Let's cut right to the chase: sales is an area with a somewhat questionable reputation. Ask any average employee of a company what he thinks of the sales department: the cliche says that sales people are opportunistic humbugs who pretend to have magical powers that will lead to the moon. But if the subsequent results are disappointing, sales people always blame the product, the proposition, the marketing or even the entire organization, but never themselves.

It's exactly this perception of opportunism and unreliability that we at Prospectory want to put behind us. After all, we see Sales as the basis for healthy Entrepreneurship and growth. In order to give Sales the regard back it deserves, we want to realize a culture change with our clients: in our opinion Sales needs to be done much sounder and more sincere in order to generate permanent success.

Make Sales everyone's responsibility
We set this culture change in motion by initially making Sales everone's responsibility. It is no longer merely the Sales department that is allowed to sell a product or service. For instance, we teach developers to sell their product themselves. They know much better what the product can and can't do than anyone else. In that way more understanding will become apparent for the interest of Sales.

Respect for clients
In addition, we strongly believe that another important ingrediënt is 'client respect'. It is better to stop seeing clients as a walking bag full of money, but to start to truly help clients ahead. This will result in a long-term relation with clients and then it will no longer be possible to see Sales as 'wrong'.

In short: exit the 'wrong salesman', enter our serious approach to Sales. You see this in the design of our logo and our website: we allowed ourselves to be inspired by Bauhaus and 'meten is weten': the clear framework, simple fonts, clear lines and a measurable grid emphasize our seriousness. We take Sales seriously, just like Bauhaus was serious about art and architecture in the past.

Our approach
More importantly: 'Serious about Sales' can be seen in our approach: we help organizations to 'make sales everyone's responsibility' and to organize it in a sincere, responsible and structured way, instead of relying on the proverbial magic sales powers. That has consequences for how we do things.

This means thinking along with marketing and product- and proposition development, instead of pointing at it reproachfully.
This means defining likely prospects by means of clever data analysis and making them warm instead of 'simply calling around within your network'.
This means truly getting to know your clients and listening sincerely to their wishes instead of merely pushing your product.
This means that we will also allow the rest of the team to experience what it means to put themselves in the shoes of the client. In that way we will embed sales in the entire organization.

Ultimately, we at Prospectory want to help our clients to get the best out of their client relations. Long-term instead of short-term. In a sincere way instead of an opportunistic way. With a proper basis instead of ego. And we are not giggly about this. If you want to know more about our approach, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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