Workshop Dealing with complaints (half a day)

In case of com­plaints from clients we ben­e­fit from act­ing as soon as pos­si­ble in order to solve the com­plaint ade­quate­ly. But what do we do with unjus­ti­fied com­plaints? And often com­plaints turn out to be in the grey area. On the oth­er hand, com­plaints also offer oppor­tu­ni­ties to max­i­mal­ly con­nect the client to you (again).


  • You know the best way to deal with a complaint.
  • You keep asking questions until you get to the essence of the complaint.
  • You know the difference between a justified and an unjustified complaint.
  • You know how to use empathy to the max.
  • You make sure that there is always a proper follow-up action in order to make the complaint go away.

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