Berry Global Inc.

“The road towards success can be found with the people that make use of your product.”


“The enthousiasm of the Prospectory people is striking!”


“Being concise and allowing people to truly experience things results in actual changes in your employees!”

Duijvelaar Pompen

“Pleasantly surprised by the approach offered by Prospectory!”

Van Iperen

“Prospectory are like us: pragmatic, down-to-earth and passionate about their field!”


“Based on Prospectory’s holistic perspective, we have been able to configure an innovative sales process”

UP Learning

“Prospectory taught us to realise our full potential – and that of our clients”


“I see Prospectory as a trusted sales partner who helps accelerate business growth”


“At Prospectory, they’ve perfected the art of putting themselves in the client’s shoes”

Rabobank Noord- en Oost-Achterhoek

“Personal and commercial growth through individual customisation!”

PlasBossinade Advocaten Notarissen

“Prospectory gives us the incentive we need!”

Accenture Technology Services

“Prospectory distinguishes itself through its own network of professionals”

Van Harte & Lingsma

“Prospectory taught us to see things differently!”

Miedema Bouwmaterialen

“Prospectory stands with the client to achieve maximum results!”


“Prospectory partner in business for AOMB”


“From reactive to proactive mode by deploying Prospectory”

Bank ten Cate

“Prospectory makes the difference!”

Hewlett Packard

“Our sales team is now committed”

Switch IT

“Prospectory is great at linking techniques to the market, to reality. Informal, to-the-point, with respect, but with a strict undertone”

Accenture Technology Solutions

“Prospectory translates knowledge of sales into our business, precisely tailored to our organisation. This allows us to, for instance, learn how to deal with customer resistance in a smart way”

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