Miedema Bouwmaterialen


“Prospec­to­ry stands with the client to achieve max­i­mum results!”

— Theo van Dijk - Sales Manager

Miede­ma Bouw­ma­te­ri­alen has been a reli­able part­ner in con­struc­tion for the sup­ply of wood, sheet, and build­ing mate­ri­als for almost 100 years now. In addi­tion to 15,000 m² of stor­age, Miede­ma also has an exten­sive machine area of 5,000 m² where all kinds of oper­a­tions take place. Miede­ma is locat­ed in Leeuwar­den, is an ambi­tious com­pa­ny, and works with skilled and com­mit­ted employees.

Miedema stands for service, solution-oriented work, expertise, speed, and the principle of “a deal is a deal”.

Miedema was looking for ways to better align the sales staff and came into contact with Prospectory. “To get maximum efficiency from our sales team and have it serve as our broad, versatile base; that is what we were looking for”, says Theo van Dijk, Sales Manager at Miedema.

Together with Prospectory, a plan was created and clear agreements were made about the expectations and the planning.
To achieve the desired results, customised training, coaching sessions, and result sessions were used for the sales staff. In addition, the management of the internal staff and field staff was advised.

The results are there. The team has become more aware as a team and the customer approach and complaint processing has improved greatly, because the skill among employees has improved.
The added value of innovative Miedema products is better explained in a market where not just the price, but the added value is important to the customer.

“Prospectory has identified the weaknesses and used expert custom work and advice to bring us to a higher level. A pleasant cooperation in which the interim evaluations were considered very valuable.’’
‘What is remarkable is that Prospectory really stood with us in this process!’’.

We can continue to build toward our commercial staff having even more added value to our relations in a rapidly changing market.

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