We give work­shops, tai­lor-made and prac­ti­cal­ly applic­a­ble in your posi­tion and indus­try. Work­shops in which you will learn — as you go along — in the area of sales, lead­er­ship, but also for instance time management. 

Look­ing for some­thing to go by when it comes to behav­ioral styles and accom­pa­ny­ing con­ver­sa­tion tech­niques with clients and col­leagues? The DISC (colours) method will give you clear tools. The DISC work­shops will be giv­en by a cer­ti­fied trainer. 


Workshop Accountmanagement (4 half days)

During this workshop you will learn that the job of accountmanager is more than simply visiting your client on a regular basis.

Workshop networking (half a day)

Learn how to effectively enter into a dialogue that will lead to commercial opportunities. Stop having informal drinks and start networking effectively.

Workshop C-level meetings (2 half days)

Learn the skills that having commercial meetings at C-level require.

Workshop Making appointments effectively (half a day)

Learn how you can make maximum impact in a telephone conversation with a potentially new client.

Workshop commercial conversation (4 half days)

Learn how you can have a successful commercial conversation with your prospect or client.

Workshop Dealing with procrastination and adjustment behaviour (half a day)

How do you change procrastination and adjustment behaviour into a deal? Learn tips & tricks on how to deal with this.

Workshop Dealing with price pressure (half a day)

Learn how to deal with price pressure during commercial negotiations.

Workshop "Determining vision, direction" (3 half days)

Create a successful vision which will motivate your team to start using it.

Workshop Conversation techniques leadership 1: giving and receiving feedback (2 half days)

Learn how to give and receive feedback in an effective way

Workshop Conversation techniques leadership 2: situational leadership (half a day)

Situational leadership requires knowledge of your team in order to end up with a more independent team.

Workshop Conversation techniques leadership 3: corrections, performance- and appraisal interviews (2 half days)

Learn how to get better at the various conversation techniques you need as a manager.

Workshop conversation techniques leadership 4: coaching on the job (half a day)

Learn the do's and don'ts in coaching on the job.

Workshop Behavioral styles DISC (2 half days)

Learn how to get insight in human behaviour with the help of the DISC method.

Workshop Conversation techniques leadership DISC (2 half days)

Due to insight in your team with the help of the DISC method communication will go more effectively and team efforts will improve.

Workshop Giving presentations (2 half days)

Learn how to present in a fascinating and stressfree way.

Workshop Dealing with complaints (half a day)

Learn how to deal with complaints and even turn them into opportunities.

Workshop time management (2 half days)

Find overview and peace of mind in order to work efficiently.