Workshop conversation techniques leadership 4: coaching on the job (half a day)

As the Com­mer­cial Man­ag­er I would like to see for real how my peo­ple act in front of their clients! With whom and how often do I tag along with them? And what do I do dur­ing the meet­ing with the client? And most impor­tant­ly: what do I give back to my col­league on what goes well and what could be improved? And how do I help him/​her to get tru­ly bet­ter in an issue that needs to be improved? 


  • You have a coaching form on which you can quickly indicate what is going well and what needs to be improved.
  • You allow your colleague him/herself as much as possible to give an analysis of the meeting.
  • You know which least strong points you should focus on.
  • You know how to give actions to your colleague in order for him/her to actually work on the least strong points.

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