Sales op C-Level: heeft het zin en hoe pak je het aan?

9 January 2022

Let hier op bij cold calling en ontdek onze beste tips

24 November 2021

5 manieren om succesvol te acquireren

9 November 2021

Pas op voor deze valkuilen bij B2B leadopvolging

29 October 2021

De basis bij B2B Leadgeneratie: 7 tips voor een effectief plan

6 October 2021

Cross-selling en upselling tactieken: haal meer omzet uit bestaande klanten

20 September 2021

Workshop 'Networking' for Refugee Talent Hub

6 December 2019
A highly motivated group of people during the workshop Networking at Refugee Talent Hub. Very inspiring and positive!

Social Selling

29 November 2019
In a recent article by McKinsey and Salesforce about the top 7 trends within sales social selling was number 5. A subject of debate in numerous circles: from the relation to GDPR and AVG to the actual utility of social signals. Social selling is hot - but...

Viewing tip: Infinite Talent

18 September 2019
Together with Refugee Talent Hub Prospectory teaches refugees how to network in The Netherlands. Refugee Talent Hub makes sure that employers meet talented refugees. On this subject BNNVARA has made a series of programs, in which you can see how employers...

I am so busy

23 August 2019
Have you ever heard a colleague, client or supplier say that they are not busy? Let's be honest, hardly ever, right? Okay, after all we do often have quite a lot to do; your employer doesn't pay you a salary for doing nothing.

Refugee Talent Hub

6 July 2019
Originating from our passion for sales we at Prospectory are continuously working on connecting people. Sales stands for connecting and growing together. Whether this means setting up a dialogue yourself with clients or helping client teams to enter into...

Scaling down to scaling up

6 July 2019
When I started as a Manager Sales Analysts at Prospectory at the beginning of 2019, I came from a rather big company with well of 500 employees and from a position that required me to manage around 30 people. At Prospectory, my team is a lot smaller, and...

Sales without pushing in B2B? Use your data​! 6 steps

20 March 2019
You are a professional. Passionate about your expertise or solution. But disapprove of selling. We typically associate "selling" with "pushing" to a customer. So most of us "share" and hope that our prospect will take the bait.Forget it! Research points...

5 Leiderschapslessen van Flop

5 February 2019
Veel mensen die op dit moment een peuter of een kleuter in huis hebben rondrennen zijn bekend met het TV-programma Bing. Dit programma draait om het vrolijke en nieuwsgierige driejarige konijntje Bing en hoe hij, aan de hand van zijn verzorger, zijn wereld...

3 inspiring people to inspire you in 2019!

8 January 2019
And so after a year of awesome new customers, new projects with trusted customers and all the roller coaster that comes with a baby scale-up, looking back my reflection on heartfelt inspiration.

Helping buyers buy

8 January 2019
Help your customers to make purchases by supplying them with information where, when, how and in whatever form they want it.

The revival of B2B sales

1 November 2018
3 reasons why it is more than every key for subject matter experts.

Account plans? No! Make an Action Plan!

23 October 2018
Why should we all spend time writing major, comprehensive plans?

Big data and B2B sales

4 October 2018
90% of worldwide data has been created in the last 2 years and predictions are that it will continue to double every two years.

The Model T Paradox for business services

27 August 2018
What customers of business service providers really need are lawyers, notaries, accountants, bankers and related professionals who stop offering Model T services and, in the spirit of Henry Ford, start working with their customers in a healthy and critical...

An analyst in every field

8 June 2018
The title of this blog post says it all, really: every field needs an analyst. In fact: everyone, regardless of their profession, will need to essentially become an analyst themselves. And with the advent of self-service analytical programs (which eliminate...

Originating: Selling 3.0

16 April 2018
The Oxford dictionary defines the verb ‘originate’ as ‘to create or initiate something’.

Checkout queue to success

21 March 2018
There’s no better place in the world than behind a cash register to learn – in a hurry – how to keep your head cool and the contact with customers warm and friendly. In practically no time, you figure out that your own attitude is the deciding factor when...

Lead generatie - E-Mail marketing in B2B sales

6 March 2018
Email marketing, when done right, is anything but spam. From small start-ups to the biggest multinationals, email marketing sees large-scale use for the purpose of acquiring new customers.

General Data Protection Regulation and E-privacy

19 February 2018
General Data Protection Regulation and E-privacy: When you see the rules you might just as well close down your business! Or maybe not.

An amazing development: Open Data

22 January 2018
More and more data will be made available in the future which will benefit us all. I recommend you keep an eye on these developments, that you figure out how you can use this information and that you invest some time in working out how to analyse it.

The rush of acquisition

8 January 2018
And there's yet another reason to keep at the acquisition: you’re in control, you make it happen, and it’s an amazing rush to land a client you approached ‘cold’. In fact, that rush might just be the best part of acquisition...

Keep On Keepin’ On: lessons from a jazz legend

1 December 2017
I’m still reeling from the impact of the documentary Keep On Keepin’ On, about how a young jazz musician went blind when he was eleven, moved back in with his parents later when he was older when he didn’t have any money and practised the piano all night...

From wizardry to vocation: sales is for everyone

14 November 2017
Salespeople – especially the successful ones – often have a kind of ‘wizardry’ ascribed to them. They can open wallets no mere mortal can touch. They're looked at with admiration, on the one hand, but also a bit askance. After all, someone who manages to...

Big Data is meaningless if you don’t understand your small data yet

20 October 2017
It is estimated that more than half of organisations fail to extract maximum informational value from their data (VSNG). According to Gartner, and personal experience, external and internal data must be linked together in order to obtain the most valuable...

LinkedIn is not Facebook, Tinder, Instagram or Funda

5 October 2017
What say you, shall we all return to using LinkedIn to add professional value to one another’s work? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Writing doesn't sell!

22 September 2017
It's the same thing we do on social media: take Instagram, for example. Instagram is simply a photo accompanied by a snippet of text, nothing more. To be (and stay) successful in business, we must take up our drawing pencils – and leave our pens in the...

How to win after losing?

23 August 2017
Losing an order or contract is not what you set out to do and certainly never pleasant. You worked hard, often together with colleagues, to get the order or land the contract. So if it is ultimately awarded to the competition, there are two things you can...

Do you know the stakeholders?

24 July 2017
While the one-off time expenditure needed to gain a full picture may be great, it is crucial in order to remain relevant in the future. Maintaining the overview you’ve made, on the other hand, takes little effort. So: lay a solid foundation and do your best...

Service in the digital era

17 July 2017
Digital or not, personal service is still crucial. In any business. How welcome and wanted you feel as a customer is still one of the main factors that determines customer loyalty.

The art of doing!

11 July 2017
Let us help you discover how to make the smartest use of your data, how to find better qualified leads and how to tap new selling opportunities. It’s time to swing into action, it’s time to perform!

The Paradox of the smart Millennial

8 June 2017
It could be you; you’re a millennial, highly educated, and you raced through your studies with one cum laude after the other. The world is at your feet and you are now going to make the difference everywhere with your sharp insights and enormous...

Data analytics and the internal consequences for marketing and sales

23 May 2017
Sales teams often thought that the marketing teams had no idea what customers actually think, and marketing teams often thought sales teams were too focused on the individual customer and the short term. The differences between marketing and sales remain...

Are sales managers still needed?

8 May 2017
What does a sales manager really bring to the table? In this digital age, when data about prospects is so much easier to find for sales people. A time in which each member of your team is expected to be self-managing. Why, then, does your sales team need a...

Public sources versus a generic database.

13 April 2017
The world around us is changing rapidly, various markets have been shaken to their cores in recent years due to a disruption. The proper collection of data and processing this data into relevant information will ensure that a company stays ahead; that the...


6 April 2017
Impact is the crucial factor; if you don’t make an impact, you have nothing. You often do not get to hear the background story of why a certain choice was made. Going the extra mile for someone is what usually makes an impact. This can apply to personal...

But can’t we just do that ourselves?

6 April 2017
Companies constantly want to get the most out of their customers and markets. Those are our customers! And when we tell them we are going to support them in that, their first reaction is: “but can’t we just do that ourselves?”. My usual, somewhat bold,...

Losing is important for your sales

14 February 2017
Losing is important for your sales: 4 tips to turn your loss into profit

Sun Tzu was one of the world’s most important, visionary warlords.

19 January 2017
Many of his statements are still actual and relevant in our contemporary world. There are many companies that embark on expansive away days to determine their strategy, without considering the tactical steps that will need to be taken. Actions are necessary...

Do I really need to adjust my sales strategy?

29 December 2016
A valid strategy paints a clear picture of where the organisation wants to go, and of the ways results will have to be achieved. Good adjustments are also important. In these fast-changing times, sales strategies must be modified more and more often in...

B2B Telemarketing is dead

15 December 2016
Cold calling, randomly shooting at a blindly purchased database with a standard sales pitch has been over for quite some time now. It is not something anybody wants or has time for. Good telemarketing is an art form.

Adapt or go bankrupt

31 October 2016
The development of digitalization is evitable, everything will become digital or contain some digital. Even cornflakes!It is not a question IF, but HOW a business can digitalize and HOW this can be transformed in a business model.It is adapt or go...

The value of the answer to Why?

17 October 2016
There is a large difference between companies and the extent to which they experience success. The same applies to people. One of the remarkable similarities between successful companies and people is that they can give a crystal-clear answer to the...

Selling is easy

9 March 2015
What is the first thing that comes to your mind while thinking of the word selling? Which images come to mind? Which feelings? Absorb them quietly.

Lack of customer centricity

20 February 2015
The customer is always right. A classic proverb that should reflect the importance of customers to companies. However, in practice this is not always the case; often the customer is seen as a court jester.

What kind of job do you have?

26 January 2015
A few weeks ago my youngest son asked me, "Dad, what kind of job do you have?" "I’m chasing up people all day," I answered. He stared at me in great disbelief. And although it rarely happens, this time he seemed lost for words.

The value of losing acquisition

7 November 2014
Passion brought us together. People who are active in acquisition often proudly provide accounts of how they managed to achieve their goal, or how they made the difference by asking about or by dealing with certain issues.

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