Blog, Thursday 6 April 2017

With­out impact, what do you have?

A few weeks after that impor­tant meet­ing, in a sub­se­quent phone call, would you real­ly want to have to explain who you are again, or would you rather that you have made such an impres­sion on some­one that they imme­di­ate­ly recog­nise you? In that sports match, would you rather make a dif­fer­ence or would you pre­fer peo­ple to say, who was that per­son on the front right? At the con­clu­sion of that big deal, would you pre­fer to be one of the last die-hards” to make the deal, or would you rather be on the side-line?

What exactly is the relevance of impact as added value for a customer, the internal process, or shaping that deal? Impact is the crucial factor; if you don’t make an impact, you have nothing. You often do not get to hear the background story of why a certain choice was made. Going the extra mile for someone is what usually makes an impact. This can apply to personal situations, work situations, and sports, which makes it so cool.

Effect of impact in your daily work

In my opinion, a great way to make an impact is to ask yourself every day what you can do differently and better that day. Do not sit around waiting on the next big thing, that happens once in a lifetime (for instance, many of you may know the introduction of the iPhone). You can have an impact every day! This is what brings “stuff” about, makes you take action, and makes something happen, which results in being able to make huge steps forward. My argument is that every day you can make an impact, but you do need to realise it, and more importantly, you need to do it!

What impact are you going to have today?

But how? Being amazing is an easy way to make an impact, in a business-wise way of course. Bring something with you, get in touch on a special time or in an unusual way (there are so many communication channels available these days: LinkedIn, Facebook, email, or just take that phone and call someone!), but also remembering what personal events are at play and ask about them. To make an impact, you need to step out of the grey area, give colour to the things you do, throw in some passion, and see every opportunity as the ultimate “once in a lifetime” opportunity to get something done. Is that something we do in our work every day? How about in our hobbies? Why is there a difference? Be inspired and make sure that you take a small step each day, which results in large steps every week and month. My impact for today is this blog – what impact are you going to have today?

Daniel Mens

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