What does Prospectory provide?

We provide sustainable growth of your clients and client teams. How?

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Can everyone in my team learn sales?

Yes. By taking your clients and sales seriously. How do you do that? In 4 steps.

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How do I turn my product/service into a proposition that my clients want ?

You will get one or more proposition sessions depending on the complexity and/or number of services you provide. In those sessions we will challenge you to be your own client. We will ask you to translate your proposition characteristics to advantages for your clients. In a way that will appeal to your prospects. And we will make sure that your entire organization will be able to explain your services as propositions.

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How do I know what is going on at my (potential) client so that I will take the right action?

You have two options:


You will receive an action plan based on analysis, which will indicate where you will have to take action in your target market in order to grow. This may be for prospects or expansion of existing clients. Our analysis will provide insight in:

  • client triggers relevant for your propositions
  • stakeholders, their changes in behaviour and purchase interests relevant to your propositions


You will receive well-founded alerts based on market sensoring that indicate where in your market something is happening that requires your action. This may be for new or existing clients. Our sensoring will provide you with a broad picture, which will allow you to act in time and not to miss any opportunities in your target market.

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How do I get an appointment with my (potential) client?

You will get appointments with new clients with a clear agenda for the content of the appointment. This is possible because we first investigate what your prospect is dealing with. You will also get information with which your marketing can start to send out focussed mailings. And we will make sure that your client data will be enriched with all the input from calling and online actions.

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How do I build a relationship with my (potential) client that will lead to long-lasting revenue growth?

We teach you how to do sales actions as effectively as possible. We do that in 3 different ways:

  1. In resultsessions - in which we challenge you and your team to keep focus on the right leads and to see which sales actions go with that.
  2. In sales coaching-on-the-job - in which we help you individually with current sales questions 'on the road', how to tackle certain leads and guarantee what we taught you.
  3. In workshops - in which we train you and your team on skills that are relevant for you, so that we do not stay inside too long. All this from (our and your) day-to-day practice.

In order to prepare you as well as possible (and to make it motivating for you):

  1. You will receive a personal roadmap - in which we will determine together in 1 or 2 sessions how you will import sales in your day-to-day life and work
  2. You will receive - if requested - an elaborate personal analysis - in which we will demonstrate your (hidden) sales talent and strength. When doing that we will make use of the largest profile database in the world.

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Isn’t Prospectory simply a consultancy? Writing reports but doing nothing?

No. Prospectory is a ‘doing agency’. We help you optimally design your sales process and do what is necessary to achieve your results. We either execute or help you execute.

Isn’t Prospectory simply a call centre? Cold calls and pushing appointments?

No. Prospectory never just works down a list of phone calls.

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Isn’t Prospectory simply a training agency? Learning some tricks?

No. Prospectory doesn’t offer ‘simply’ workshops.

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What is the difference between Services and Training?

In case of Services you will receive a customized programme. Completely in line with your ambition, sales and marketing wishes, your team and products.

In case of Training you will have the opportunity to register for a training at any given moment. In order to learn basic skills. Together with participants from other organizations.

Who will I be dealing with if I do a project with Prospectory?

You will be dealing with only the members of the Prospectory team who are relevant to you, depending on which elements of the sales process you outsource to us. The owner Kurt always has final responsibility for the successful completion and delivery of your sales project. Are you outsourcing a whole project to us? If so, you will get a project owner. Are you outsourcing part of a project? If so, you will be dealing directly with the person responsible for executing the sales work in question – the analyst for analysis, the marketing expert for proposition, our lead generation specialist for lead generation.

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