Do you want start a con­tin­u­ous dia­logue with your clients? No longer cold call­ing’, but rather a warm rela­tion’? On the basis of our focus-phase we know what a client is involved in. Based on this knowl­edge we con­tact them and devel­op this first con­tact into an appoint­ment, with clear leads for a deep­er dia­logue and relation.


After the focus-phase knowing what is going on with your (potential) clients. Only then is getting in touch with him/her worthwhile. This may be done by phone in which case we do not 'push' your proposition, but engage in a dialogue about it. This means that we will call several people within your (potential) clients and do research, as long as needed to come up with a solid appointment. These calls are enriched by personalised mailings and online marketing, in which we will refer to your website, blogs and whitepapers. And if we do not call or mail ourselves, we help your sales and marketing people in this.

What is in it for you?

  • Solid appointments with (potential) clients
  • Relevant marketing (nurture) actions such as ‘follow-up calling’, ‘forwarding whitepaper, ‘inviting to webinar’
  • More visibility with your (potential) clients
  • Continuous clientdata enrichment
  • Better cooperation of your sales and marketing colleagues
  • More adoption of your CRM and automation

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