Guiding your team towards longlasting relations and sales growth

Prospec­to­ry helps your team to devel­op and main­tain lon­glast­ing rela­tions, fol­lowed by sales growth. No mat­ter whether they are sales pro­fes­sion­als or for instance tech­ni­cal peo­ple: we believe that sales should belong to every­one. Every­one can learn how to put him/​herself in what clients are actu­al­ly deal­ing with. 


Do you know what works best to get the entire team in the 'sales action'? By taking them along in the preparation: who are we going to contact? Why? And with which message? But also by listening to your team: when are you in your strength? How do you want to commit yourself to clients? In addition, we offer your team a way of working which mixes discipline with skills, applied in actual client situations.

In practice, this translates into recurring result sessions, in which the (potential) clients that are in the proverbial 'pipeline' are thoroughly looked at, actions are assigned within your team and successes are celebrated. The focus there is on developing client relations further and generating new, relevant sales actions.

We alternate these result sessions with 'coaching on the job': actual client situations are translated to the most effective sales actions. And any possible client objection will be adressed. In order to put your colleague at rest as much as possible and to put him in his (sales) strength. If necessary, we complete this with workshops with regard to themes that concern your team and business. For example: how do you question an opportunity effectively? How do you pitch successfully? Or: how do you close the following step?

What is in it for you?

  • Pipeline growth with more opportunities.
  • More and effective sales actions for you and your team.
  • Continuity and pleasure in challenging each other and adjusting each other on sales actions.
  • Actual opportunities always translated in the right sales action.
  • You and team acting with more (sales)confidence and do what suits you

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