Measuring and monitoring

You invest­ed in your staff to give them more skills, to get the hang of sales. But do they actu­al­ly start using those skills? Do you have a mea­sur­ing instru­ment to mon­i­tor that? And are you as their man­ag­er actu­al­ly going to help them to use their skills as best as possible?


Which measuring instrument fits your organization? And will you obtain that information from your CRM or do you need to build a dashboard? Our experience will help you to make the right choices. And we do not only look at turnover and profit KPI's, but more particular to parameters that have an impact of them.

As manager you need to make sure that you make your people grow. Whether that is in sales or in time management for instance. Do you have a plan, do you have the skills for that and do you keep the finger on the pulse? We can help you by choosing from a number of management workshops that fit you best.

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