Client analysis and action plan

We do more than sim­ply mak­ing lists with clients. Online data-analy­sis and field research helps to find clients that did not come to mind up till now. Besides, we do research into devel­op­ments, behav­iour and needs of clients, which allows us to take advan­tage of with­out any problem. 


If you want to develop a serious relation with existing or potential clients, you have to understand clearly in advance what is going on and what would be the best way to approach this client. Prospectory collects all the relevant client data for you in one big improved client database. Subsequently, we investigate which behaviour your (potential) clients show, what is said & written about them and which actions they themselves are taking up to person level. We match the proposition with the client's behaviour and will demonstrate which persons offer the best opportunities for success, why now and what would be the best way to address these persons.

What is in it for you?

  • A list of potential clients with priority in opportunities.
  • Client profiles at person level with behaviour analysis and potential purchase intention.
  • Suggestions on how to approach your clients per client.

With this your organisation can take specific and realistic action. Never again cold, always relevant in a meeting.

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Challenging the proposition and making it truly (more) appealing to your clients