Making plans

We often do not like mak­ing plans and even feel that they are not nec­es­sary. Keep on going is often the mot­to or a 10% growth com­pared to last year. How­ev­er, a plan can def­i­nite­ly be use­ful, pro­vid­ed it is inspir­ing, mea­sur­able, brief and con­cise. Whether you are deal­ing with a busi­ness plan, an account plan or a process improve­ment, a sim­ple plan with own­ers, dead­lines and a strict sched­ule will ensure that you lay down, mon­i­tor and final­ize a plan properly. 


There are plenty of ideas on what we want to achieve. We for instance want to increase our market share with 5%, we want to increase our net result with 7%. But then you get to the how, and then the machine often already starts to malfunction. This requires a proper analysis, laying down simply how we are going to do that, if possible substantiated with numbers.

What is in it for you?

Prospectory can help you to write a proper plan, either using the OKR method (see Google) or a truly simple roadmap to get to the result. Plans that we make together with you should always:

  • Of course bring true value to your organization.
  • Be aggressive, but realistic.
  • Objective and not multi-interpretable.

In addition, we will bring the following:

  • The entire organization or business unit will share the plan transparently in order to show the progress.
  • Everything needs to be measurable.
  • The results need to be easy to prove.

We will not only make sure that a plan will be put on paper in a clear and measurable way, but also that it will be executed.

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