Challenging the proposition

Do I have the right propo­si­tion and do I focus on the right tar­get group and con­tact per­sons? That ques­tion often lingers with our clients. This makes it often refresh­ing if an exter­nal par­ty has a look at this. We will look at your set of ser­vices or prod­ucts as a cus­tomer and will go through your prod­uct port­fo­lio using a sophis­ti­cat­ed set of questions. 


What do your products or services bring the customer? In that respect we will challenge you. So we will not look at what you can do and how you do that, but to the net result for the customer. Which value will you bring them? In what way do you distinguish yourself from your competitor? The outcome of such a session will give you more grip for:

  • Joint(ly) sales pitch(es), that are simple and spot-on for your target group
  • The message to your clients (on- and off-line marketing)
  • Where you can find your ideal target group
  • Who the best contact persons are to approach and how to approach them

We will make sure that your proposition will actually result in sales.

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