Challenging the proposition and making it truly (more) appealing to your clients

A lot of entre­pre­neurs love their own prod­uct or ser­vice, but this also often results in a blind spot for the poten­tial weak­ness­es of the item they sell. And how do clients actu­al­ly expe­ri­ence the prod­uct or ser­vice? Prospec­to­ry chal­lenges you: is the offer easy to explain? Or could it be even sim­pler? Does a client rec­og­nize him­self in the offer? Which spe­cif­ic advan­tages does your prod­uct or ser­vice offer? And how do you make sure that clients feel like doing busi­ness with you? 


We help you to translate your product or service towards a true value proposition, with which you inspire your clients instead of simply informing them. After all, such a value proposition does not only communicate the actual offer, but also the ambition of the organisation. A clear value proposition helps the team to take specific action towards clients.

In 1 or more sessions we ask questions about your service and the corresponding sales and marketing approach. The questions are based on years of daily experience in sales and marketing. From different angles we challenge you and your service: as a dream client, investor or as employee sales.

What is in it for you?

  • Which client issues does your proposition address?
  • Which client trigger questions can you ask?
  • Which advantages does your proposition bring?
  • Which proof do you have?
  • Your (potential) client feels heard and wants to know more.
  • Your team pitches more effectively.

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