Workshop Conversation techniques leadership 3: corrections, performance- and appraisal interviews (2 half days)

Of course, there are oth­er things you need to be able to do well as a man­ag­er besides giv­ing feed­back. After all, the inter­views men­tioned above are recur­ring reg­u­lar­ly and can be a chal­lenge some­times. When do you for instance use a cor­rec­tion inter­view and what is dif­fer­ent about that when com­pared to giv­ing feed­back? And what is the dif­fer­ence between a per­for­mance inter­view and an appraisal? 


  • You know the structure of a corrective interview.
  • You know when to use a corrective interview.
  • The difference between a performance interview and an appraisal is clear.
  • You know how to make an appraisal SMART when it comes to (new) goals.

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