Workshop networking (half a day)

The work­shop net­work­ing will help you to dis­cov­er which valu­able con­tacts you already have in your net­work. Besides, you will learn how to enter into a dia­logue effec­tive­ly, that will lead to com­mer­cial oppor­tu­ni­ties. Stop hav­ing infor­mal drinks and start net­work­ing effectively. 


  • You have a clear picture of the people in your network and where you can add value.
  • You have insight in the networking possibilities that exist and what fits you best.
  • You can enter into a dialogue authentically with leads and prospects.
  • You can guide a network meeting towards a follow-up appointment.
  • You improve your professional image by networking at relevant moments.
  • You discover that networking is also simply fun.

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