Workshop Conversation techniques leadership 1: giving and receiving feedback (2 half days)

As a man­ag­er and coach you give feed­back all day long. Both pos­i­tive and cor­rec­tive feed­back. But giv­ing feed­back can and should be done in var­i­ous ways in order to be effec­tive for the recip­i­ent. And how about receiv­ing feed­back? Are we open to it and do we even ask for it sometimes?


  • You know the difference between giving directive and non-directive feedback
  • You know when to choose for directive or non-directive feedback
  • You leave the solution of those things that need to be improved with the colleague as much as possible
  • With the HEG model you will obtain an additional tool to give feedback.
  • You learn how to summarize what you have agreed upon with each other
  • You know how to make sure and measure that the other person will do something with the feedback
  • You are open to feedback; even more so, you will ask for it so that you will become stronger in your job.

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