Workshop Dealing with price pressure (half a day)

Your propo­si­tion is on the table of the client. The client asks for a dis­count and you know that there is some com­pe­ti­tion. What do you do? Do you go along with it and do you get the deal? Or is the client using you to put pres­sure on the com­pe­ti­tion? Impor­tant issues that are tack­led in the work­shop Deal­ing with price pressure”. 


  • You have a clear picture of your position and what your situation is.
  • You know indeed that you will get the order if you give a discount.
  • You have a structure what to do if the other party asks for discount.
  • You will get alternatives that you can offer instead of price.
  • You close the deal and give little or no discount.

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