Workshop commercial conversation (4 half days)

You have a meet­ing with a prospect or client. How do you pre­pare your­self? What kind of ques­tions will you ask? How do you get the needs on the table? What is the moment to come with a propo­si­tion and how do you close the meet­ing suc­ces­ful­ly? All these things you can learn in the work­shop Com­mer­cial conversation”. 


  • You know which preparation is needed before you go to your meeting.
  • YOU keep control during the meeting.
  • You know that original questions may "trigger" purchase signals.
  • You discover where you can truly add value for your client.
  • You are able to adjust objections.
  • You present your service in such a way that the client recognizes him/herself in it and indeed fills his/her needs.
  • You know various closing techniques and know how to apply these.

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